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Hiwot Integrated Development Organization (HIDO) formerly known as Hiwot HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support Organization (HAPCSO) is an indigenous, non-governmental, secular, and non-profit-making organization working towards contributing to the development of Ethiopia through an integrated development approaches. HIDO is legally registered as a Local Non-Governmental Organization with registration number 0224 by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia – Agency for Civil Society Organizations, in accordance with the Civil Society Organizations Proclamation No. 1113/2019.HIDO’s vision is to see healthy and self-reliant society in Ethiopia.

HIDO’s Mission is to build the capacity, confidence and efficacy of disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of the society (mainly disadvantaged and vulnerable women and children) through participatory and inclusive health, education, livelihood, human rights, gender equality, and social inclusion program interventions to achieve an immediate as well as lasting impact in their lives.


Bringing Change To Those In Need!

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HIV Testing and Counseling

Shelter for the Needy

Nutritional Support

"I was getting holistic support from HIDO since I lost my parents at the age of seven. Because of the support I got from HIDO, I was able to become healthy, safe, and schooled. Thanks to HIDO, I successfully graduated with a BSC Degree in Physics from Metu University. Had it not been for the support of HIDO, I wouldn't have been where I am now".

- Zeritu Mulugeta

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