Health Care

The overall goal of HIDO’s health care program is to contribute to the national goal of tackling health problems, preventing HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, and improving the health status of chronically ill patients through providing integrated health care services. Under this program HIDO so far reached more than 60,000 PLHIV and more than 30,000 people at risk of HIV infection mainly female sex workers.



People benefited from integrated health care services.

Major Focus Areas of Health Care Program:

  • Targeted HIV Testing and Counseling, Detecting New HIV Positive Cases/Identifying HIV Positive Individuals, Putting them on Treatment (ART), Supporting and Following Up Adherence to Treatment (ART) and Attaining Viral Load Suppression thereby Contribute to the Achievement of UNAIDS 90-90-90 Goals

  • STI, TB and Other Infections Screening and Treatment

  • Youth Friendly Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Services

  • Family Planning Counseling and Service Provision

  • Integrated Clinical Service Provision at Drop-In-Centers (DICs)          

  • Anti-Retroviral Treatment Service at Drop-In-Centers (DICs)

  • Care and Support Services for PLHIV

  • Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Interventions

  • Awareness Raising through different channels

  • Supporting, strengthening, and working with different structures (e.g. Technical Working Groups (TWGs) at different levels, PLHIV Associations, Government Health Offices, Government and Private Health Facilities, etc...)