Human Rights, Good Governance, Gender and Social Inclusion Program

The goal of this program is to contribute to the protection of human rights, and to ensure gender equality, social inclusion and support good governance efforts of concerned bodies [government, local community, and CSOs] in the intervention areas and beyond.


Major Interventions under this Program:

  • Capacity building of first line government structures on the concepts and practices of human rights and good governance issues through capacity building trainings.

  • Lobbying and advocacy to ensure human rights are protected and basic human rights conventions endorsed by the country are adhered to at all levels; particularly at the operational level.

  • Sensitizing the community on basic human rights concepts and principles so as to enable community members’ demand /seek it from concerned bodies.

  • Designing and leading initiatives that promote human rights and good governance to show how the issues are linked with growth and community development.

  • Community mobilization on gender equality and social inclusion issues through community events and dialogue sessions to create the necessary awareness.

  • Capacity building of community leaders on gender sensitivity and social inclusion to enable them become change agents in their community in terms of achieving gender equality and social inclusion.

  • Protecting women and girls from all forms of violence including physical and sexual violence.

  • Supporting schools, and facilities that provide health and social services to be accessible for persons with disability through fulfilling the necessary disability accessibility requirements.

  • Supporting community based structures in the intervention areas to work on gender equality and social inclusion issues to ensure community ownership and sustainability of similar initiatives.